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Wiper blades are commonly used body accessories for automobiles. They are mainly used to wipe off rainwater on the windshield in rainy weather, and are also used to wash the windshield. The power source of the wiper blade comes from the electric motor, which is the core of the entire wiper blade system.

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The improper use of car wiper blades (wiper blades, wiper blades, wipers) will cause the wiper blades to be scrapped or not cleaned.

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Improper use of car wiper blades (wiper blades, wiper blades, wipers) will cause the wiper blades to be scrapped or not cleaned. No matter what kind of wiper, the reasonable use should be:

1. Be sure to use it under rain. The wiper blade cleans the rainwater on the front windshield. You can't use it without rain, and you can never dry it without water. The increased friction resistance due to the absence of water will cause damage to the rubber blade and the wiper motor! Even if there is rain, it should not be wiped if the rain is not large enough to activate the wiper blade. Be sure to wait until there is enough rain on the glass surface. The "enough" mentioned here will not block the driver's sight.

2. It is not recommended to use wiper blades to remove dust on the windshield surface. Even if you want to do this, you must spray glass water at the same time! Never dry scrape without water. If there are solid things on the windshield, such as pigeons and other birds' dried feces, do not use a wiper to wipe it hard! Please clean the bird droppings manually first. These hard things (others such as large grains of gravel) can easily cause partial damage to the thin slices of the wiper blade, causing the wiper to not clean the rain.

3. The premature scrapping of some wiper blades is directly related to improper car washing. The glass surface has a thin oily film before the car leaves the factory. When washing the car, do not pay attention to the front windshield of Sassafras. The oil film on the surface is washed off. First, it will not be conducive to the downflow of rain, causing rain to stop on the glass surface. Second, it will increase the friction resistance between the rubber sheet and the glass surface. This is also the reason why the wiper blade stops momentarily because it cannot be wiped. If the wiper blade does not move and the motor continues to run, it will easily cause the motor to burn.

4. Slow block scraping can be used instead of fast block scraping. When using a wiper, there are different speeds and slows. If the wiper is fast, the frequency of use will be greater, and the number of friction will increase, and the service life of the wiper blade will be reduced accordingly. The wiper blades can be replaced in half. The wiper in front of the driving position has the highest usage rate. It is used more frequently, has a larger range, and has a large friction loss. Moreover, the vehicle owner's line of sight is also very important, so this wiper is often replaced. The number of replacements of the wiper corresponding to the passenger seat can be relatively small.

5. Always be careful not to physically damage the wiper blade. When washing the car and daily dusting, when you need to lift the wiper blade, try to move the heel back of the wiper blade, and gently send it back when you put it off. Do not bounce the wiper blade back.

6. In addition to the above, pay attention to the cleaning of the wiper blade itself. If it is attached to sand and dust, it will scratch the glass and cause its own injury. Try not to be exposed to high temperature, frost, dust and other conditions. High temperature and frost will accelerate the aging of the wiper blades, and excessive dust will cause a harsh environment for the wiper, which may easily damage the wiper blades. It snows at night in winter. Do not use wiper blades to remove snow on the glass in the morning.