Improper car washing can easily cause the wiper blade to be scrapped prematurely

     Wiper blades are commonly used body accessories for automobiles, mainly used to wipe off rainwater on the windshield in rainy days, and also used to wash the windshield. The power source of the wiper blade comes from the electric motor, which is the core of the entire wiper blade system. The quality requirements of wiper blade motors are quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, and the wiper blade motor installed on the front windshield is generally integrated with the worm gear mechanical part. There are roughly two types of wiper blades, one is the traditional intermittent type, which is a common wiper blade, which is adjusted by the driver according to the rain and sight conditions; the other is the raindrop sensor type, which is mostly used in On the model. A good wiper blade must have the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield, reduce the burden on the motor, low noise, strong water repellency, soft and not scratch the windshield, etc. How bad weather can make your vision clear.

       Improper use of car wiper blades will cause the wiper blades to be scrapped in advance or not clean. For example, the early scrapping of some wiper blades is directly caused by improper car washing, and the windshield surface has a thin oily film before the car leaves the factory. If you do not pay attention to the light of the front windshield when washing the car, the oil film on the surface will be washed off, which is not conducive to the downflow of rainwater, causing rainwater to stop on the glass surface, and secondly, it will increase the friction resistance between the rubber sheet and the glass surface. This is also the reason why the wiper blade stops momentarily because it cannot be wiped. If the wiper blade does not move and the motor continues to run, it is very easy to cause the motor to burn. Therefore, the majority of riders must pay attention to this when washing their cars.


Reasonable use of wiper blades can prolong its service life



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