Daily use of car wipers should be carefully observed

   Although it is winter now and there is no heavy rain in summer, wipers are very important in the current rainy weather. Many car wipers work very smoothly under heavy rain, but when encountering such a rainy but not rainy situation, they will be out of order and the glass will not be cleaned. Although the small car wiper is not expensive, it is related to the driving safety of the vehicle. If the line of sight is obstructed, the probability of a traffic accident is several times higher than usual. Therefore, the safe operation of the wiper cannot be ignored.

    Maintenance of car wiper

    A good car wiper should have the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and it should be able to fit the glass closely, reduce the burden on the motor, reduce the noise, and wipe clean. In order to ensure a good view, car wipers are recommended to be replaced once a year. To check the car wiper regularly, touch the wiper rubber with your hand to check for damage or loss of elasticity. If the blades are aging, hardened, etc., they must be replaced with new car wipers in time. In normal use, you can actually observe the condition of the wiper. If the remaining traces on the glass are uneven, it indicates that the aging has begun.

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