The solution to the car wiper is not clean

     Automobile wipers, also known as wipers and wipers, are devices used to wipe off raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of vehicles. The purpose is to improve the visibility of drivers and increase driving safety. According to the law, any car on the road must be equipped with a car wiper, otherwise it will not be allowed on the road. In fact, in addition to cars, other means of transportation also have wipers, such as trains and trams.

      However, many drivers and friends will find that their car wipers are scratching rainwater, and they often have problems with not being clean. In fact, the reason why the car wiper is not clean is the presence of invisible dirt on the windshield. Because these things stick to the windshield, it is difficult to completely remove them with water and car wipes, and an uneven surface is formed on the glass, which will cause the car wiper to not clean. So how do we solve the problem of the car’s wiper not being clean? I’m here to teach you a trick. You can first soak the glass with water, and gently touch the glass with your hands. If the glass surface is not smooth, it means there is foreign body. When cleaning, you can try to wipe it with warm water several times, then gently rub it back and forth with your hands, or you can use newspaper to remove these difficult-to-remove dirt little by little. The effect is good. After washing with water, use your hands again. Touch the glass, it is very smooth, and then turn on the car wiper to try again, it will be very clean. But if there is no unevenness when you touch the glass with water, it may be the problem of the wiper itself, and the car wiper needs to be replaced.

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