Analysis of common failures of wiper motor

The wiper motor is a core component that provides power to the car wiper, and its use in automobiles is very important. It can give the driver a clear vision and a safe formal environment.

    The wiper motor can provide multiple gears for the car wiper to choose from, to change the size of the motor current, thereby controlling the motor speed and thus the speed of the wiper arm. There are many failures when using the wiper motor in daily use, so how to solve these failures?

    Let's first look at the common faults of wiper motors:

    The motor is a relatively small device, but its complicated structure leads to various failure modes.

    From the mechanical point of view, the wiper motor may move periodically or start frequently, which will cause the commutator and carbon brush wear, bearing wear, gear failure and other failures; if the motor is overloaded and overheated, it may cause the wiring harness to short circuit , Burnout and armature shaft burnout and other failures. From an environmental point of view, the motor will encounter problems of high temperature and rain. In addition, due to the reasons of the motor itself, the carbon powder generated by the high-speed rotation of the carbon brush may block the commutator insulation slot, causing a short circuit of the adjacent circuit of the commutator.

The correct way to disassemble and assemble the car bone wiper

    At present, the troubleshooting of the wiper motor cannot be delayed, because it not only plays a major role in driving safety, but also a measure to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Therefore, it is recommended that drivers must carefully check the wiper motor and other components before driving.

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