Maintenance of car glass and car wiper

The use of car wipers brings a certain degree of safety to the driver in bad weather, and the use of wipers not only brings a clear perspective to the driver, but also helps to clean the glass surface, and when it comes to cleaning the glass surface , Here to talk about the maintenance of car wipers and car glass.

      Because there is oil stains on the glass, the water marks will simply solidify into water droplets, which can not be removed. In the same way, if the windshield or wiper of a car is not wary of oil pollution, it will not wipe the rain. The wiper only rests on the windshield, but we simply ignore it during ordinary maintenance. Assuming that there is oil stains on the glass, we use glass detergent to scrub the wiper strip and the glass when washing the car. Of course, first use a feather duster to remove the dust and debris on the glass, and then repeat the above actions, because even if the glass is now satisfactorily wet, the fine yarn on the glass will damage the wiper rubber. If you want the wiper to have a longer application life and prevent long-term exposure to the sun, it is also important to note that many car owners only open the wiper to sweep away the sand when they find sand on the glass. In fact, this will The rubber strip of the wiper and the glass of the car are damaged, so you might as well spray a little cleaning fluid before opening it. Of course, manual cleaning is better.

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