Is the rainstorm hitting your car wiper correctly?

On rainy days, the rain will block the sight of the car windshield. At this time, the car wiper becomes particularly important. So, every time it rains, can I just turn on the car wiper switch? Next, the editor will come to talk to you about how to use the car wiper.

    1. The speed of the wiper should be adjusted

    If your car is equipped with a sensor wiper, it will automatically turn on when it rains. The sensor device of the wiper will adjust the speed according to the amount of rain on the glass. The more rain, the faster the speed.

    If you need to manually adjust the speed of the car wiper, the adjustment principle is to ensure the clarity of the field of view. If there is a lot of rain, the speed of the car’s wiper has been adjusted to high, and the vision is still not clear. You need to park the car to the side of the road and wait for the rain to decrease. When parking, turn on the fog lights and hazard warning flashes.

    2. Need to spray rain and water when necessary

    If it is raining continuously, the glass will inevitably be stained with water stains, mud marks, etc. If you do not spray the wiper, you can directly use the car wiper to dry brush. The correct way is to spray the wiper water first, and then use the car wiper to wipe off. If there is debris on the glass, clean it before using the wiper.

    3. Some models need to be equipped with rear wiper

    Generally, the rear windshield of SUVs, hatchbacks, etc. is easily affected by the rear spoiler, and is soiled by water stains and dirt, which interferes with the line of sight, so rear wipers are required.


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