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Characteristics and improvement schemes of traditional wiper

There are 4 types of traditional car wipers in the current form, which are the same direction wiper, counter wiper, single-arm controllable wiper and ordinary single-arm wiper. This kind of wiper is a kind of wiper method that most models on the market have. So what are the characteristics of these traditional wiper methods?

What water to add to car wiper

    Traditional wiper features:

    1. The wiper adopts counter-wiping or same-direction wiper method, while the wiper area increases, the blind area is reduced.

    2. In line with the principles of aerodynamics.

    3. With stronger pressure, the wiper can be wiped more cleanly at high speed.

    4. Wiper blades can use single and double motors flexibly to reduce noise and save layout space

    5. Able to open and touch the hanging brush position.

    6. Low cost and simple structure.

    The above are the characteristics of traditional car wipers.

    So with the development of technology and the emergence of some models, what improvements have been made to traditional wipers?

    With the various types of wiper products currently on the market, there are many varieties, which makes it very inconvenient for customers to choose. Therefore, the improvement of traditional car wiper products is mainly focused on unifying their models. The quality, effect and form are improved to facilitate the selection of car owners.

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