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What you must know about car wipers

[Original Title] There may be a few things you may not know about car wipers! [Source: Sohu Automobile]

    1. Who invented the wiper?

    Did you know that when the car was first invented, there was no wiper? It was not until 1903 that the wiper came out. The inventor was an American woman named Mary Anderson. This was also an invention in her life. Although the wiper is now an essential part of the car, you know that when the wiper was first invented, almost No one cares? Later, the "automatic" windshield wiper operated by means of a pneumatic device was not invented until around 1910, and the inventor was also a woman named Charlotte Bridgeford, and the patent right for the windshield wiper style fell to Bosch. The hand of the company.

  2. How many wipers are there on the market?

 There are two main types of wipers on the market today: bone wipers and boneless wipers. A bone wiper is literally understood as a wiper with a skeleton. The skeleton mentioned here is the structure connecting the outer sleeve of the wiper blade and the wiper rubber strip. Through several supporting points of the skeleton, the wiper blade can be Compacted on the glass; while the boneless wiper omits the steel frame in the structure, it becomes composed of a wiper strip, a boneless wiper steel sheet, a wiper sheath and plastic parts. When the boneless wiper is working, the force is mainly transmitted by the elastic steel sheet, which has better toughness and can reduce jitter and wear. Even if it is used for a long time, it can better fit the glass.

Why does the car wiper not clean

   3. Which kind of wiper is better to use?

In terms of price, of course, bone wipers are much cheaper, but in terms of use effect, there is little difference between bone wipers and boneless wipers at the beginning, but the service life of boneless wipers is longer than that of bone wipers. Wiper, and after a period of use, because the wear of the boneless wiper is relatively small, the resistance during operation will be smaller, so the working resistance of the wiper motor will be smaller. Therefore, the popularity of boneless wipers is getting higher and higher, and the price difference is getting smaller and smaller. For wipers of the same size, it is recommended to choose boneless wipers as much as possible. For windows with smaller front and rear windshields, you can choose more economical bone wipers. But to be honest, many boneless wipers on the market are really inferior to the original ones. This is a fact, so you need to be able to distinguish when purchasing.



Peugeot 206 rear wiper

 4. When do I need to replace the wiper?

The material of the wiper strip is rubber. After daily wear, heat expansion and contraction in summer and winter, guano, oil pollution and other factors, the rubber will inevitably age, so whether it is a bone wiper or a boneless wiper , Must be replaced irregularly. So when will it be replaced? It seems to be a boring question-change it if you don't scratch it! But you know that in many cases, if there is oil on the windshield, it may cause the illusion that the wiper is scrapped. Therefore, after removing the oil and debris on the front windshield, the correct method is to check whether the wiper can wipe clean. Brother Ben almost "wrongly" got a good wiper, and after removing the oil stain on the glass, the wiper wiped clean again.

   5. How to maintain the wiper correctly?

 We can extend the wiper blade replacement cycle through good usage habits. For example, wiper blades cannot be wiped dry, and glass water must be used together; when there are stubborn dirt such as bird droppings and oil stains on the glass, it is best to clean them before using the wiper; when using the wiper to wipe the snow in winter, be sure to First clean up a lot of snow and icy ballast; when encountering sandy roads, try not to use wipers if it does not affect the line of sight too much. If possible, you can use a feather duster to remove the dust first, and then use the wiper-otherwise, wiper and block Windshield may be injured; try to avoid high temperature exposure to the car, long-term exposure will cause the wiper to deform or lose its elasticity. If the car must be parked outdoors for a period of time, the wiper can be erected to extend its service life.

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