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Wiper manufacturers teach you how to disassemble and assemble car wipers

     The scientific name of wiper wiper refers to the sheet structure installed in front of the windshield. It consists of a motor, a reducer, a four-link mechanism, a wiper arm spindle, a wiper blade assembly, etc. The main function is to wipe off the windshield. Rain, snow and dust on the windshield obstructing vision. Any car must and must be equipped with a car wiper, otherwise it will not be allowed on the road in accordance with our laws. Regardless of the small car wiper, but its effect is not small. Everyone knows that in rainy weather, people's sight will be affected to a certain extent, and the impact on the driver will be even greater. With the car wiper, it can help the driver to wipe off the rain on the windshield and improve the visibility of the driver's friends.

      Regarding how to disassemble and assemble the car wiper, here is the method of disassembly and assembly taught by the wiper manufacturer:

      First of all, the wiper must be fully erected. In order to avoid damage to the windshield during disassembly and assembly, it is recommended that the owner put a piece of cloth on the windshield when disassembling the wiper. Set up the wiper to change the blade angle.

      Second, change the angle of the wiper blade so that it is at a 90 degree angle to the wiper arm. Because the wiper blade and the swing arm are locked by clips, it is easy to disassemble and assemble after being at a certain angle.

      After placing it at an angle, you can start disassembly and assembly. First, use one hand to lift the rubber blade to expose the wiper swing arm and the fixed hook of the blade. Take off the wiper blade as a whole. One hand below splits the rubber blade horizontally, and the other hand presses down the main bracket forcefully to separate the wiper blade from the swing arm. After that, you can take the wiper blade as a whole under.


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