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Selection of car wiper

The car wiper is one of the smaller parts of many auto parts, so it is not valued by the majority of car friends, and everyone often neglects its selection and maintenance. If the wiper on your car breaks down, you need to repair it and replace it quickly.

     So how to choose a car wiper? 

1. You need to know which standard wiper your car uses, you can check the manual of the car, there is the model of the wiper on it, you can buy the corresponding wiper according to this model. 

2. You need to test whether the wiper you bought is unstable, noisy, and there are residual water droplets wiped after work. Once this happens, it means that the wiper is not suitable for the car and needs to be replaced. 

3. It is necessary to touch the rubber wiper on the wiper to see if there is any damage or aging and no elasticity. If this phenomenon occurs, the wiper is also unqualified.


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