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Car boneless wiper PK boneless wiper

For both cars, the hot summer sun is no better than the catalyst for the aging of automobile rubber products. Among them, the rubber products on automobiles that are prone to aging are automobile wipers. Car owners are no strangers to it, because it is used frequently. So how much do we know about it?

    1. Installation interface of car wiper

    If you naively think that the interfaces are all the same, you are wrong! The interface of the wiper of a modern car is different. If you want to replace the wiper of a car, you must first understand the interface of the wiper of your car. Generally divided into five types: U-shaped hook, in-line, dovetail, snap-in and side-insertion. Regarding the interface of the wiper, there is no uniform specification, so before purchasing, you must communicate clearly with the merchant to avoid the inability to install the purchased car wiper.

    2. Bone wiper PK boneless wiper

    Speaking of these two types of wipers, most car owners believe that a boneless wiper is better. When buying a car wiper, many businesses will recommend a boneless wiper, saying that it has a long life and uniform force. In fact, due to the design and structure of the boneless wiper, the aerodynamics is improved compared to the boneless wiper, which eliminates the vibration caused by the wind when the car is driving at high speed, and reduces the wear on the glass. The fit is also due to the bone wiper. Moreover, the design of the boneless wiper is simple, light and small, which can extend the service life of the motor by 2 times.

    So, is there really no advantage to having a bone wiper? of course not. At this stage, the low-end domestic models in my country still use bone wipers. The pressure at each supporting point is even, and the scraping is clean, and the price is cheaper than boneless wipers.

    3. The service life of car wiper

    The life span of a general wiper blade is 1 year, and a boneless wiper may have a longer life span, but generally it will not exceed 2 years. The exposure to the sun in summer and the cold in winter will accelerate the aging and cracking of the wiper strip, but when using the wiper, if there are stains on the glass, abnormal noise, etc., it is time to replace the wiper.

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