How much is the wiper motor?

 We know that there will be a pair of wipers swinging left and right on the windshield of a car, so do you know how it is realized? Here we have to mention its drive source-wiper motor. That's right, the wiper motor is the power system that realizes the left and right swing of the wiper. So, how much is the wiper motor?

     The price of the wiper motor mainly depends on the brand, and the price of the original and third-party is also different.

     The price of a general wiper motor is about 200 yuan, and if you want to replace the original wiper motor, the price generally has to be doubled, about 400-500, and the price of the original wiper motor of different brands is also different, such as The price of replacing the original wiper motor for most domestic cars is about 400-500 as mentioned earlier, while some big brands are more expensive, basically more than 1500, and even expensive about 2500.

     The above is the whole content of how much the wiper motor is. I hope it will help you when you choose to replace the wiper motor.

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