How much do you know about car boneless wiper market knowledge?

   With the advent of winter, the proportion of rainy days is increasing. Wipers are frequently used in cars. The wiper is an important accessory installed on the windshield, and its function is to sweep away the rain, snow and dust that obstruct the vision on the windshield. Therefore, it plays an important role in driving safety. How much do you know about wipers if you have a car?

    Nowadays, the most common types of wipers in the domestic market are car boneless rain hangers and traditional wipers with metal brackets.

    In terms of price, boneless wipers for cars with good quality are more expensive than traditional wipers.

    In terms of structure, the traditional metal wiper has a simpler structure than the car's boneless wiper.

    The car's boneless wiper blade eliminates the traditional wiper bracket, and uses a rubber strip with a supporting steel frame. The appearance looks more beautiful, and it can provide better adhesion when wiping, reducing the freezing problem of the metal bracket in winter.

    Of course, traditional wipers also have its advantages, and the price is relatively close to the people. Because of the rigidity of the support structure of the traditional wiper, even if it is matched with a large-curved windshield, there is no need to worry about insufficient wiping power in the corners.



     Generally, the service life of wipers is above two rainy seasons. But this is related to the user's habits and environment. For example, dry grinding under long-term no water conditions and rough use after freezing in winter will aggravate the damage of the wiper.

     Of course, the car boneless wiper has an indication before it is damaged. You can try the experiment yourself, which is to use very fine sandpaper dipped in water and lightly polish the surface of the rubber strip. This will have a certain effect on the wiper blades that are not too aging. Finally, if the wiper blade leaves obvious water marks after wiping, or if there is obvious jumping when wiping, it proves that your wiper blade is close to damage and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

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