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How to choose good quality wiper blades

    According to research findings, driving when the car’s vision is blurred is very dangerous, so many users attach great importance to wiper maintenance during driving. However, there are many products with uneven quality on the market. If you buy a bad product, it will not help how to maintain it. So how do we choose high-quality wiper blade products?

     We know that the frequency of use of wiper blades is very high, especially in places where the working environment is harsh, and they are faced with varying degrees of rain and sun. Because of this, the working life of the wiper blade is also very short.

     When choosing a wiper blade product in the market, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the product matches your car. If you don't know what model your car is, you can also ask the clerk to help confirm it.


Universal wiper blade

    When purchasing, touch the surface of the wiper blade to see if there are scratches. Scratched products will damage the car glass to a certain extent.

    During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds. Especially in the intermittent working state, pay attention to whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed when moving.

    Check the state of the wiper, and whether the wiper rod has uneven swing or missed scratches. If the following three situations occur, the wiper blade is unqualified. The swing is not smooth, and the wiper bounces abnormally. The rubber contact surface and the glass surface cannot be completely attached, resulting in wipe residue. After wiping, the glass surface is in the state of water film, and fine stripes, fog and linear residues are produced on the glass.

How often should the wiper blade be replaced?

    During the test, attention should be paid to whether the motor has abnormal noise. In particular, when the wiper motor buzzes and does not rotate, it indicates that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is rusted or stuck. At this time, it should be immediately Turn off the wiper switch to prevent burning the motor.

    The above is how to choose high-quality wiper blades. We hope that all users can choose high-quality and durable products.

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