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2 reasons for the rapid scrapping of wipers

    Many car owners have found that their love hasn't passed the warranty period since the beginning, but their car wipers have been replaced several times. This is mainly because the wiper has a very long warranty period, and you need to pay for it yourself if you want to replace it, and the original wiper is imported, and later replaced with a domestic one.


Wiper Blade

    Why are car wipers scrapped so quickly? What is causing this?

    Basically, the reasons for the rapid scrapping of wipers are bright spots, namely, the car windshield is not clean and the wiper strips are frizzy.

    Many car owners think that by installing a wiper, they don't need to clean the car glass, just wait for the rain to come. In fact, this is not the case. If the car glass is not cleaned at ordinary times, there will be a lot of fine particles and dust on it, which will make the car wiper not clean, and also damage the wiper strip. Generally speaking, the unclean glass of the wiper is equivalent to the use of a grinder to polish its rubber strip. As long as the original car wiper is properly maintained in use and maintenance, its life can reach up to five years. Therefore, it is very important to maintain it in daily life and clean the car glass.

DIY simple replacement wiper blade

    Wiper strips are frizzy, which is mainly due to the aging and hardening of the wiper strips. Fundamentally speaking, it is caused by too long service life or because of long-term rain and sun. To solve this problem, just change it. The frizzy rubber can be polished smoothly.

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