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What is the role of car bone wipers?

What is the role of car bone wipers?

Bone wiper:

    The so-called bone wiper in the car wiper is simply that the blade part is composed of a bracket and a rubber wiper, and the bracket is divided into a main bracket and a secondary bracket. The main support is designed according to aero-hydrodynamics, and its function is to prevent the effect of wind floating; while the auxiliary support is a multi-pivot and stainless steel liner, its purpose is to make the pressure distribution between the wiper and the windshield even.

The advantages of the bone wiper are as follows:

   1. The wiping effect is stable and economical;

   2. Continuous and reliable scraping for more than 300 hours; 3. The metal bracket can ensure high corrosion resistance.

The composition and function of the wiper system:

    Nowadays, all family cars use electric wipers. Therefore, to put it simply, the wiper system is composed of a motor, a rotating rod, a wiper arm and a wiper blade. As for the role of the wiper, everyone must know that the main purpose is to clean the front and rear windshield glass of the vehicle, so that the owner can have a good vision in daily driving. I also have wiper blades. The products are of very good quality!

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